Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY ring holder


  • Box
  • Cotton
  • Double Adhesive Tape
  • Felt cloth or Recycled pieces of cloth
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
To make your own ring holder, you're going to need a box. I used my Santa Barbara watch box. You can use any kind of box available as long as it's not too big to display on your shelves.

I used cotton to fill the inside of each fold of felt cloth. I bought my pack of cotton from Expressions. It cost me 20.75 php.

You can use different colors or use only one for simplicity. I prefer to have it in white, pink, orange and blue because I personally think it's cute that way. :)

Measure the size of the inside of your box and mark the measurement on your felt cloth. Cut the piece of cloth with your scissors.

Place a piece of double adhesive on your felt cloth and stick it to one side of the inside of the box, preferably the horizontal side.

Put some cotton inside and push it to the side where you placed your felt cloth. Push the cloth down to make a fold.
If you're using different colors of cloth, cut your first cloth according to the height of the inside of your box.
If you're using just one color, just fold it and push the remaining cloth upward.

Push another piece of cloth and some cotton inside every fold. Repeat this step until you fill your box according to how big you want your folds to be.

If you want to follow my steps, do this. Add flowers to make your ring holder more colorful. I bought mine at Landmark, Trinoma. If you don't have these flowers, recycle some beads and feel free to decorate.

You can also maximize this holder by placing your hair clips just like how I did mine.
I placed my hair clips alongside my rings. This is how mine turned out.

After making this, display it on your rack, shelves or above your drawers.
I placed mine beside my other jewelry boxes. Feel free to add colorful rings and clips.

If you liked my DIY tutorial, leave a comment below or send me a tweet at Send me a pic of your own ring holder at and suggest this DIY to your friends, too.
Thank you! Lots of love <3

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