Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Plans this 2015

Well, I plan to visit a lot of places.. to travel a lot, experience a lot, and share a lot..
I have lots of plans..
but my ultimate plan is to save money, spend it to buy nice stuff, and share it with the ones I love. If you're familiar with the savings with increment.. I found this 52 week saving challenge.
It was from a site called

the link to this challenge is:

Well, its a basic form of savings where weekly, you need to put something in your savings account. But the year is literally divided into 7 days per 1 week counted. I picked this 20-increment savings plan where.. I should put 20 pesos as a starting amount to my savings and then, put the same amount the next week plus 20 pesos additional amount. Then, this is repeatedly done until the end of the year. You will have at least 27,560 pesos by the end of the year if you strictly follow this challenge.

Sounds good, right? I challenge every one of you who are reading this right now to take this 52 week money challenge.. There are a lot of options. You can choose how much increment you want every week.. To be effective, make 5 peso increment your least savings plan.

I also plan to use my planner. Such alliteration.. What? Is it just me?

Anyway, I customized my planner and put decorative items in the front part by making 2 envelope cases. It's nice and organized. I am also inspired with the designs and the stickers/quotes I placed inside.

I was inspired by these pictures of planners from different planner users, video bloggers, and photographers. I found these from pinterest, youtube, and google.

I also plan to study well.. and give my all this last semester of college.
That's all for now..
God bless everyone.

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