Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why I'm ditching a dream

I found my old video blogs related to my DIY career pursuit and I'm finally letting go of the idea. I really did plan about this career for so long but there are lots of hindrances that went my way so I finally have given up on it-maybe I did a long time ago, but I just realized it now. I'm enjoying my life right now. Aside from the fact that I lost a lot of my time trying to get myself into the thing, I'm now building my career at Oracle. I am an Associate Consultant at Oracle and I am a happy person. I'm young and I did not regret my fantasies about building my Youtube channel. I just realized that I am enjoying the simple life and I am not the type to push myself into fame and all. Nevertheless, DIYs have been a part of me. I love doing the stuff at home when I was still a student. Before, I really had all the time for these things while today, my interest on things are slowly focusing on the other side of life. Art will always be on my side. I still collect artsy stuff but I'm not planning on uploading the old videos anyway.
Today, I am enjoying myself-buying myself stuff, eating the food I like, and taking lots of pictures. It's a really great life. I found myself realizing the bigger dreams I have. 


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