Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's in my 2015 Planner

I printed lots of stickers with nice quotes and brought them at school. I let my friends rummage through these colorful stuff. It's reduced to at least 2/3. It's fine. Really. Sharing is fun.


Yes, I can't go on without having lots of stickers, too. These are random colorful stickers from stores like Toys R Us, Papemelroti, etc. I place them in pages to show what I did that day/what I'm supposed to do that day.

I also placed this printable memo notes to personalize my scrapbook in my room.. Though I haven't use them yet. Maybe, I'll be vacant sometime and then, I'll be able to use them. I put them in the front side of my planner anyway.

 These are paper tapes I collected to randomly decorate my planner and to also break planner pages. Really nice and handy!
I placed some page markers, memo pads, and sticky notes in the front part of my planner. These are really pretty and kinda helpful when I need to jot down random stuff.

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